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After-sales System search
search Screw is loose

Tighten the screw

search Fix the frame case well

The LCD frame case is not fixed well

search What to do when condensing pressure is too high?

Reason: It may be cooling water not enough; or capacity of cooling tower reduced; or temperature of cool water too high; or cooling capacity too high to increase the load at condenser; or non condensed gas exist; or heat transfer at condensing tube bad for the pollution like furring.
Solution: Check the cool water circuit and adjust it to rated current flow; or check cooling tower and expand throttle etc. to lower (or rise) the temperature of cool water to rated temperature as soon as possible; or get rid of non condensed gas; or clean the tube.

search What to do when evaporating pressure is too low?

Reason: It may be cool water not enough; or cool load low; or failure occurred at throttle orifice; or heat transfer at heat transfer tube of evaporator bad for the pollution like furring; or lack of refrigerant.
Solution: Check the cool water circuit and refill the cool water to rated volume; or check the rated temperature at auto on/off device; or check if expand throttle is blocked; or clean the heat transfer tube; or fill the refrigerant to needed volume.

search Abnormal of control circuitry

Contact the service center