Residential Introduction

From the preliminary assembly sales to mastering multiple “world-leading” core technologies of air conditioner, Gree has gone through a long period from “Zero to One” and “Common to Superior” since 1988.
In order to improve the manufacture workmanship and quality management and build high-quality air conditioners, Gree started the journey to develop the core technologies of air conditioner independently in the early 20th century. In 2002, it successively set up the R&D production bases for compressor and motor, and build the self-owned brand for compressor——“Landa”.
In 2012, Gree opened the creation stage to lead the development trend of the industry and successfully developed several “world-leading” technologies and products covering performance, intelligent control, air supply method and other technological field of air conditioner. Gree is always promoting industry development with leading core technologies.

Core Technology

The triple-cylinder two-stage rotary compressor of variable volume ratio independently developed by Gree has reached the “world leading” level. Thanks to its wide operation range, it enables turbo heating under ultra-low temperature. The indoor temperature can be maintained at 25℃ even the outdoor temperature is - 35℃.

·Heating capacity is not attenuated under -15℃; stable heating under ultra-low temperature of -35℃

·Stable operation under -35℃~54℃

·Auxiliary heating elements such as electric heater cancelled 

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